October 24, 2008

Beer Margaritas

[Updated 8.19.21] I'm not a beer person, but when you mix it with enough limeade and tequila, it goes down very easily! These margaritas you make by the pitcher were my aunt's favorite and it's funny how things happen: I thought to make these for the first time in ages, and it was nine years ago this week that we lost her. 

I am sure you could downsize this recipe but I've only ever had it in a crowd-- at lots of family gatherings and barbecues over the years and of course they were the signature cocktail at my aunt's surprise 60th birthday party. So here's to Sal. May you have a crowd to share them with.

Beer Margaritas

1 12-oz. can frozen limeade concentrate 
12 oz. tequila 
12 oz. water 
12 oz. beer (1 Corona or other light Mexican beer) 

Stir in a pitcher and serve over ice, in a salted glass if you desire.

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