July 23, 2013


Willem turned three last month! He requested from his aunt for his birthday cake "A lawn mower. A riding lawn mower."
Chive flowers are so pretty...

 Our niece, Eloise Sadie, was born on our anniversary!
 This boy sure sweats a lot.

 We finally replaced our grill!
 Latest grilled focaccia topping:
We love fruit desserts!

Including requisite blueberry pie deliciousness...

 Working on a freezer stash:
 Veggies, veggies, everywhere...
 Beet-juice mustache (he wasn't a big fan of the juice):

But he's a huge beet fan.


  1. how did you make this tractor its outstanding

    1. Thank you! My sister makes these 3-D cakes for the kids in the family. She makes a many-layered cake then carves it into shapes/parts and covers in fondant that she shades different colors.

      I was attempting to include here a less glamorous photo that better shows the structure of the cake once it had been cut, but I can't figure out how to attach a photo here....

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