December 28, 2018

Cheese Bread

This one is high up on my list of childhood comfort food favorites, and I have started to make it in recent years after having nearly forgotten it. It involves store-bought pizza dough, cubes of cheddar that melt, and lots of butter that all come together to make crispy edges and deliciousness.... My classic meal is to have it with kielbasa stew as the two are a perfect fit and I never ate one without the other as a kid. But I also make it alongside black bean soup or Gordie's grandmother's hamburger-vegetable soup, or any soup that could use a little rich cheesy treat on the side to dip into it and scoop up dregs of it with. Mmmm.

Putting together cubes of cheese and balls of dough: a perfect kid job in the kitchen!

Cheese Bread
from my mom

1 lb. store-bought pizza dough, cut into 24 roughly equal small balls of dough
24 cheddar cheese cubes, about 3/4"
1/2 stick of butter (will not use the whole thing)

Wrap ball of dough around each cube of cheese and seal it up, set aside till all are ready.

Melt butter in a saucepan on stove top, then remove from heat.

Roll each ball of dough around in the melted butter right in the saucepan, then place in a loaf pan. (These pictures show more of a hodge-podge assembly, monkey bread style, which is fun. Lately I have squished the dough balls into one layer in the loaf pan, 4 balls by 6, and like the way that comes out.) Let them rise for a while. 

Then bake at 350 for maybe 20 minutes or so. Check the bread and remove from oven when golden. (I like putting the loaf pan into a not preheated oven and then turning the oven on, as it seems to allow the bread some nice last rising time as the oven warms.)

Upend baked bread "loaf" onto a serving plate. Pull sections off the loaf and serve alongside/dip into soup or stew.

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