July 11, 2012

Basic Egg Noodle Pasta

from the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Attachments booklet

The Kitchen Aid stand mixer has a simple small pasta attachment you can buy to go with it with various plates to be used for different pasta shapes. The booklet says that pasta dough or fresh noodles can be frozen up to one month. I would love to make a couple of batches for the freezer sometime so that homemade pasta was ready to go at a moment's notice. This is a great-tasting, simple pasta for any use.

3 large eggs
2 3/4 C all-purpose flour

Break eggs into glass measuring cup. Add water carefully as needed to reach 3/4 C total liquid.

Pour flour in mixer bowl. With flat beater, turn to speed 2 and gradually add eggs/water. Mix for 30 seconds. Stop mixer and switch to dough hook. Turn to speed 2 and knead for 2 minutes.

Remove dough from bowl and hand knead 30 seconds to 1 minute. Let dough rest 15 minutes before extruding.

Attach food grinder and pasta maker attachment with plate for desired pasta shape (here I used the lasagne plate).

Cut dough into walnut-sized pieces. 

Turn mixer to speed 10. Slowly begin to feed pieces of dough into the hopper; dough should self-feed. The grind worm should be visible before adding the next piece of dough. Use food pusher as needed if dough becomes caught and no longer self feeds. 

When pasta is extruded to desired length, stop mixer and gently pull or cut away from plate with knife (here I cut it off every 2 or 3 inches because I wanted broken-up/shorter lasagne pieces for the dish I was making rather than full-length noodles).

Partially dry on a towel in a single layer for no more than 1 hour. Cook immediately or refrigerate or freeze. To cook: add pasta to boiling water. It floats as it cooks. It cooks much faster than dried pasta, just a couple minutes. Strain and enjoy with sauce, etc. 

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