June 30, 2020

Rhubarb Cosmopolitan

This is a dangerously delicious way to enjoy bright, tart rhubarb and celebrate spring...

Rhubarb Simple Syrup
adapted from kitchn

4 C chopped rhubarb*
1 C sugar
1 C water

*If you have less rhubarb than this, just measure how much you have once it's chopped and then measure sugar and water accordingly to stick with the 4 parts/1 part/1 part proportions.

Combine all three ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, then simmer on low, stirring occasionally, until fruit is soft, 15 minutes or less. Strain through a fine sieve over a bowl. (Willem eats the softened rhubarb from the sieve at this stage, which is still really flavorful and definitely not something to throw out. When we've had some leftover that he doesn't eat right away, we save it to stir into plain yogurt or have over vanilla ice cream.) The beautiful strained pink liquid in the bowl is the "syrup" used for the drink recipe below. I make the kids rhubarb spritzes with the syrup as well: sparkling water with just enough syrup stirred in to give it color.

Rhubarb Cosmopolitan 

1.5 oz. vodka
1 oz. triple sec
juice of half a lime
1 oz. rhubarb simple syrup

Shake all ingredients in an ice shaker, and pour into a glass!

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