February 13, 2014

Winter Fun

Some of what we've been up to the last few months...
 We had Bloody Marys at Christmas
 and cosmos with cranberry simple syrup made with Vermont cranberries.
My sister outdid herself again by making a cement mixer cake for our nephew's birthday. Willem is already requesting a whole farm for his next cake.
Willem, his first time out on skates. He pretty much just runs across the ice on them.
 The guys seasoning and sampling the arugula.
Gordie and Willem have tried out several new pancake recipes, like this crispy, puffy one, from a pancake cookbook my father-in-law gave us for Christmas.
 It's been pretty cold around here!
But, even when it's 5 degrees, sometimes the urge to shovel calls, before you've even had time to take off your backpack.
With some time off around the holidays, I finally tried out several recipes from Marcella Hazan's Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, such as this sfinciuni (double-crust meat and cheese pizza).
I went to a soup swap-- such a fun idea!-- and came home with this great stash for the freezer (plus some homemade marinara sauce, not pictured).
 We satisfied a craving for burgers and fries.
I made yummy scalloped potatoes.
 Lake Morey might just be the coolest spot to go ice skating.
Some of us are not too big to be thrown in the air.
 Willem signed his own Valentine's Day cards! Just look at that signature.

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