December 5, 2013

Sandwiches for Supper: Reubens

One of the ways I have found to manage to "make dinner" every night, is to plan tasty sandwiches when time will be short. I find a good sandwich really satisfying, and it feels like a treat because we don't generally pack sandwiches for lunches (we eat leftovers for lunch). We like caprese sandwiches, BLTs or a winter version of BLTs with roasted canned tomatoes, various paninis (panino?), Gill's-delicatessen-inspired grinders (Gill's trademark is piles of shredded cabbage instead of lettuce on their sandwiches, but they are just really great and have a cult-like following among Vermonters), tuna melts, and fancy or not-so-fancy grilled cheese. But this week we had Reubens. Made with good bread and with some vegetables on the side, it's a meal I don't feel half bad about.  

small can sauerkraut
~1/6 lb. corned beef per sandwich (1/2 lb. for 3 sandwiches)
2 slices Swiss cheese per sandwich
1/2 C mayo mixed with 2 T ketchup to make Russian dressing (makes enough for more than 3 sandwiches)
rye bread, sourdough, or your choice

Butter both slices of bread for each sandwich. Place one butter down in a pan. Smear with dressing. Top with: one slice cheese, meat, lots of sauerkraut, the other slice of cheese, and last piece of bread also spread with dressing. Heat over medium-low heat, covered, until cheese melts and toasted, 3 - 5 minutes per side.

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