October 19, 2013


I took a sourdough-bread-making class at King Arthur.
Willem and I checked out Windy Ridge Orchard (and of course, their doughnuts) on one of our last summer days together.
Willem following Tai's lead and learning to balance on his balance bike
We were lucky enough to get to participate in a cake tasting with Meg and Matt before their wedding.
Willem started preschool! It seems to be a good fit for him.
Garlic harvest!
We went on a last-hurrah-of-summer Labor-Day-weekend trip to Mount Washington.
A nice German couple was willing to take our picture at the highest point in the northeast. Unfortunately, Willem is displaying his charming new habit of hiding from the camera.
We resorted to tickling to keep him awake while on the road on vacation.
This was Willem's very favorite part of Story Land.

Meg and Matt got married!
We went to an apple orchard with a petting zoo and Willem was obsessed with trying to pet the bunnies (no easy task).

Rock jumping
Willem was pretty grumpy about having to put on a tie, on top of being woken from his nap early, to go to Steve and Winnie's wedding.
Thankfully, melon and proscuitto were served at cocktail hour.

Making a bird house with my dad
Playing at "his stump," one of his favorite walk destinations
Practicing his police-officer get up for Halloween


  1. Pretty adorable across the board. Not much to do with food, though, aside from the sourdough at the beginning. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  2. I was hoping to see some pictures of "the boys" in the previous post and was left hanging! Thankfully this post delivered in force. Nice photos, except for the German tourist, hah. And Anonymous, aka A, even makes an appearance! That seems like quite a lot of garlic, too.