February 18, 2013

Apple Weekend 2012

Apple galette-- the only dish photographed during Apple Weekend 2011
The 10th Annual Apple Weekend happened the first weekend in October this past fall at my sister's house. We've revised some of the rules and regulations for this event over the years and this year was especially fabulous as a result, I think. In the past every dish we made and consumed on this day involved apples in some way and there was a competition for a savory dish each and an apple pie each. In 2011 (which I never posted about), we decided to change things pretty dramatically. The savory dish had to be as local and seasonal as possible, with or without apples, and the dessert had to include apples but some participants thought we'd done the pie thing enough (and there was really no question any more that I would win, so I think they got a little bored). Anyway, so that year we had a yummy chowder, a roasted potato salad with fresh tomatoes and other goodies on it, a risotto cake, and roasted beets and homemade potato chips with local beef as savory entries. For dessert I made an apple galette.

So for 2012, we decided to stick with the guideline of anything local and seasonal for each contestant's savory dish and to continue that theme for the dessert entries as well. So, apples welcome but not required, even though we still called it Apple Weekend! I'm pretty sure we will continue in future years with the weekend being a celebration of all things local and delicious because it allowed us to be more imaginative and have great variety. We also decided to add an optional, non-judged drink pairing with our dishes this year which was fun.

Meg's salad with endive and roasted Brussels sprouts

Brenna's cheese fondue with boiled potatoes, apple, croutons, and radish. Paired with a beer.

Cassidy joined the competition and, perhaps obviously, won the savory portion of the night with this mouthwatering quail with savory bread pudding, crispy fennel, and a mouth-watering sauce.

My baked sweet potato with cranberries, pecans, blue cheese, and roasted Brussels sprouts. Paired with Oregon A to Z Pinot Noir.

Brenna's pumpkin-vanilla semifreddo with homemade brittle

My ice cream terrine with five-spice pumpkin ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and cinnamon-rum ice cream. Despite lack of splashy presentation, this was the favorite dessert.

Meg's profiteroles

Cassidy's pumpkin bread with mascarpone and rum-caramel sauce

Matt joined in with apple pie pockets

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