July 23, 2009

Roasted Beets and Blue Cheese

We got a bunch of beets in last week's CSA box, so this is what we did with them. It was a nice satisfying meal with some good bread on the side.

1 bunch beets
salad greens
blue cheese
olive oil
balsamic reduction, or just balsamic vinegar
salt, pepper

Wash and trim beets. Put in a covered heavy casserole dish flat side down. Add 1/2" - 1" water. Roast, covered, at 400 about 45 minutes-- until they are soft when forked. Remove beets from pan and let cool slightly before rubbing off the skin.

Slice as desired. Serve with greens and blue cheese, or just blue cheese, drizzled with balsamic reduction and oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper.


  1. mmmmm - yum. I wish Jeff wasn't anti-cheese - it cuts out so many fun and simple recipes like this.

    glad you're enjoying your CSA too - isn't it fun? we got beets this week too, and so tonight we're making beet ravioli!

  2. Not like cheese! I can't imagine such a thing.

    But beet ravioli sounds exciting-- did you stuff the ravioli with beets, or make a beet sauce?

  3. We got some beets in our CSA bag and tried this recipe out. Fantastic dish,thanks so much.